This is great to hear Ross. I read your previous post and, like many others, I felt exactly the same way. There has been a real groundswell of complaints about the way the Medium feeds sucks. So many listicles, lifestyle, and self-help junk posts have been poisoning the well that I thought Medium might got he way of the Dodo if things didn’t change soon.

With the recent, much needed, and greatly appreciated hire of elizabeth tobey, it seems the Medium team are scrambling to try and fix this. The advice on feed curation is invaluable, although the fact that it needs so much massaging to get it to work as it should is still a major concern for me.

Your post however, restores my faith that things are going to get better. Let’s just hope it happens without everyone needed tuition on best practice for good feed results. I’d hate to see Medium become as inaccessible to new users as, say, Twitter can be. But I believe in what I think is Ev’s vision, and it’s clear that the rest of the Medium team is aware of the issues and are working hard to fix them.

I look forward to reading more of your content in the future :)



Innovation Technologist, designer, and researcher of Frugal Education.

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