It’s that time of year when a majority of people talk about making new year’s resolutions, and then there’s the few who actually decide to follow through and give them a go.

I decided that starting mine ahead of the new year might work better as the morning after new year’s eve doesn’t really set us all off on the right foot. So I started a few days before, setting up a new personal homepage, blog, and tapping out my first new blog post, setting the scene for the year ahead.

The plan is to write a minimum of one blog post every three days. More if I’m feeling chatty, or have enough interesting stuff going on to fill some white space. But for now I’m going to aim for a decent length post every three days. I think setting too high a frequency and failing to find the time (or words) might prove to be a mistake, especially whilst trying to fit in more regular exercise at the same time.

To make it a little more interesting I’m going to experiment with writing my posts exclusively on a smartphone wherever possible, to try and make my writing into a past time, rather than reverting to Twitter, Instagram, or a handful of news articles when killing time.

This experiment will also be part of a later blog post series on mobile learning I’m hoping to write. I’m hoping that if I can collect my thoughts around a series of topics, then they might also help to inspire more words from the old noggin.

Wishful thinking I know, but let’s see how it goes… :-)